Banquet Menus
(startign from 15 people)

Menu 25.00€ Only midday

Menu I

  • Serrano ham with various raw vegetables and roasted hazelnuts
  • Cockerel marinated with lemons and fresh mint, Golden apples caramelized with cinnamon
  • Crème brulée with vanilla from the islands

Menu II

  • Remoulade of chinese cabbage with pink shrimps and black poppy seeds
  • Trout fillet from our rivers prepared on it’s skin, soft muslin of « bintjes » and pesto of zucchini with tomato
  • Black chocolate mousse with ginger confit

menu € 35,00

Menu A:

  • Tartar of local asparagus with tomato, green apples and flat cheese with chives
  • Supreme of farm chicken breast, veal juice with licorice, risotto with peas and asparagus
  • Black chocolate mousse with ginger confit

Menu B:

  • Home made shrimps croquettes served with a shelfish Coulis
  • Filet of pan fried Nile perch, preparation of onions and tomatoes with coriander, muslin of « bintjes » and carrots with sweet garlic
  • Crème brulée with vanilla from the islands

Menu € 45,00

Menu C:

  • Beef carpaccio with truffle oil, topped with ruccolo and aged parmesan
  • Lamb shank slowly baked in the oven with sweet herbs, prunes and candied lemons.
  • Nougat ice cream with a red fruit coulis

Menu D:

  • Sashimi of salmon marinated gravelax style, “kunzumiyuzu ” and poppy seeds vinaigrette
  • Cod baked in the oven, braised mushrooms with dates and fried Spanish onions
  • Dark chocolate cake with cashew nuts

Menu € 50,00

Menu E:

  • Duck foie gras cooked by us naturally, hotchpotch of dried fruit and Sichuan pepper
  • Roasted veal cutlet with old mustard (Tierenteyn), salad liégeoise with kidney-beans and caramelised Golden apples
  • Reversed lemon pie

Menu F:

  • Pan-fried scallops with lukewarm white asparagus, butter sauce whipped in white beer
  • Pan-fried filet of bream, flavored eggplant pulp, shallot confit with brown sugar and wild Pesto
  • Thin golden apple pie and slightly salted caramel ice-cream

En dehors de nos boissons rafraîchissantes, jus, apéritifs et bières belges et étrangères, restaurant « Bonsoir Clara » vous propose également des cocktails, des alcools, champagnes et des vins.